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ForeveRacers - Preview

Driving like an incompetent maniac in ForeveRacers...
Being personally intimate with my style of driving – or should I say, complete lack of any style – I imagine that SuperSmashingGreatGames’ ForeveRacers is what would happen if you put me in a car on top of a mountain, cheerfully wished me well and then left me to follow a race course as the night slowly drew in. It would be complete and utter madness, but ultimately very entertaining; assuming, of course, that you weren’t in the car with me as I plummeted to my doom.

The concept is simple: have an endless race [that goes on forever, if you will  - ahaha!] that players can drop in and out of as they wish. They’re not racing the other players, per se, but trying to beat the clock on a variety of tracks incorporating all manner of terrain, while driving a smattering of low-poly cars. That may seem like a glorified time trial and, in a very real sense, that’s exactly what it is.
What this setup does mean for those too impatient for p…

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